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Transform Me
Words: Wilma Ann, Music: Steve Wallace

2 Corinthians 5:17

Verse 1
Sometimes I live my life as just a passive existence
Saying one thing and doing the next, teetering on the fence
I know it's time that I made a decision to not sin
And make Jesus my friend

Verse 2
In times of pain and strife, I often feel broken
I want to run and hide but arms are not open
It seems no one understands my daily decision of life or death
I’m in agony ‘cause I don’t know who I am (so please…)

Transform me Lord
Make me a new creature
Transform me Lord
Let old things pass away
Transform me Lord
Make me into a vessel you can use
For your glory, Lord
I want to be transformed

And when I think that it's too hard
Please send someone to encourage me
And when I stumble through my storm
Please send someone to hold me
Lord please shape me and mold me


© Graceful Warrior Music 2009