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Hold Me Down
Words: Wilma Ann, Music: Steve Wallace

Verse 1
I slid back and almost lost my ground
But you kept me intact when I almost broke my crown
And now I know that a righteous spirit won’t crack
You will always hold me down

Verse 2
I was weak, but you said lean on me
The way was bleak, but then your Son shined brightly
I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, but the blind now see
You will always hold me down

Hear me when I’m calling (you hold me)
Hold me down
Catch me when I’m falling (you hold me)
Hold me down
Listen when I’m talking (you hold me)
Hold me down (Lord you hold me down)
Hold my hand when we’re walking (hold my hand Lord)
Hold me down
You will always hold me down

When I was weak and filled with despair
You reminded me that you’ve always been there
And that I should look beyond my circumstance
You remain a friend and hold me down ‘til the end
You hold me down

Chorus (2x)

always hold me
When I needed a friend you stepped right on in
When I didn’t have one dime, you came around on time

Hold me down down down

© Graceful Warrior Music 2009