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God First
Words: Wilma Ann, Music: Steve Wallace

Verse 1
What’s going on in the world today?
We’re living life in a selfish way
“Do me,” “Go for self,” "Get yours” is the attitude
But whatever happened to the gratitude?

Verse 2
Can we fix our mouths to give thanks for the food we eat
Instead of complaining about the latest kicks on our feet
Well high or low, rich or po’ I’m gonna give thanks
‘Cause right now (all we have is now) is the only promised chance

If the Academy will have me, when I win a Grammy
I will thank God first
When so-called friends are actin’ shady and haters steady hate me
I will thank God first
When my right is going left, and in the shortness of my breath
I will thank God first
I will step outside myself and thank God first

Verse 3
Blind leading blind in the world today
By wolves in sheep’s clothing, we’ve been led astray
“What’s good, God?” took the place of “Thank you for the breath I breathe”
But where is the legacy of praise you leave?


When I fall down, I will lift mine eyes to the one
Who thought it was a good idea
For me to even show up here on Earth
I’m gonna thank God first!


© Graceful Warrior Music 2009